Mom always said I had a face for radio, but I became an art director. 

My skills came at an early age, forging report cards to such a degree of detail, that even when my mother brought one to my teachers, they were unable to tell it was fake.

While that was a long time ago, and that pair of pants is long gone, this attention to detail that was the difference between life and death has stayed.

I only had one chair to my name. 


Art Center-BFA Advertising 


GUT -Freelance Art Director
Sid Lee -Freelance Art Director
Mother -Freelance Art Director
Ghostpistols -Freelance Art Director
Opinionated -Freelance Art Director


Nike | Jordan | Vans | Activision | Blizzard |
Google | Dos Equis | Estrella Jalisco | Sonic |
Popeye’s | Michelob Ultra | Drumstick | Venmo |
AT&T | Hearth & Fire | Tipico Sportsbook | Canon |               
NYC Mayor’s Office |



1 shortlist -VANS VANS