The Vans Vans

New York winters are tough but the MTEs make it The City That Never Slips.

So, to get the word out, we made a pair of Vans into VANS Vans that people could literally step inside to experience first hand the warmth, coziness of a pair and weather resillience.  

And we got the most OG New Yorkers like Lil Mo Mozzarella and New York Nico to help spread the word.


Role: Art Director

ECD: Ariel Abramovici & Bruno Acanfora
ACD/Art: Paulo Damasceno & Sofia Rosell
ACD/Copy: Jeffrey Schermer
Copy:Natan Dorenbaum

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Vans MTE eliminates the fear of slipping on black ice and allows you to enjoy it instead.


Vans partners with Cellino to prevent slip n falls and bring New Yorkers MTEs through bus bench and late night television ads.