We launched ‘Runners Helping Runners’ across Asia & Latin America by creating a series of activations that
inspired people to run.
Ageny: Ghostpistols
Role: Art Director 
ECDs: Matt Heck & Damian Fitzgerald
CD/Copy: Kristin Wellmer
CD/Art: Karin Schwarz
Motion :Karim Fawzy

We didn’t  just give away swag, we made you work 
for it. 

We challenged locals to keep up with our bus for exclusive merch.  

The longer they kept up, the better swag they got. Our onboard running coach helped encourage participants to keep up.

To get the word out, we created communications for both wi-fi-enabled communities and not.These included influencers, geo-targeted mobile notifications,and wheatpasted OOH
placed around city centers.

We made our stores as exclusive as some of the hottest clubs,

and all you had to do to get inside was sign up for a treadmill and timeslot. 

Once inside, participants had access to multiple DJs and running coaches. Our DJs even helped promote events on social.

We turned running 
into a game.

Locals signed up to recieve weekly challenges that once completed, would earn them new gear from their local stores. The more they participated, the more they were rewarded, and the more they leveled up, the doper the gifts they won.

We run this city

Nike partnered with Mariott Bonvoy to provide members access to gear, coaches, and local spots. Hotel shuttles were used to drop guests off so that they could run back.Those staying at Airbnbs also had access to gear and tours of their city.

Running in all weather

The running fashion show that took place in a specialy built wind tunnel that simulated all weather conditions.

Simultaneously, filters and instagram posts helped reinforce the beauty in goals and routines.

Fun Content

We sent influencers two shoes of completely different sizes, the catch? They had to run around the city and find somone who fits the shoe to win swag...
and maybe even love.

What your soles say

We teamed up with running experts to help clean old gear and provide tailored running advice based on the wear
that they saw.